2020-21 FACE Archive


Sahuaro High School does not have an active Parent-Teacher Organization at this time.  If you are interested in forming one, please contact Roberto Estrella, Principal by email or call directly at 520-731-7104.

Thank you!

Booster Clubs for Sports and Fine Arts
Diane Lapham
Contact Mrs. Lapham by email

Boys Basketball
Adam Foard
Contact Mr. Foard by email

Girls Basketball
Lisa Moore
Contact Ms. Moore by email

Nancy Jo Fierro
Contact Mrs. Fierro by email

Girls Soccer
Meg Riley
Contact Mrs. Riley by email

Joiel Goerke
Contact Mrs. Goerke by email

Girls Volleyball
Bonnie Pense
Contact Mrs. Pense by email

Aimee Guerrero
Contact Mrs. Guerrero by email

Remy Sawyer
Contact Mrs. Sawyer by email
2020-21 Family Engagement Team Members
This Year's Members Are:

Roberto Estrella, Principal, 
Contact Mr. Estrella by email

Emily Suess, Assistant Principal,
Contact Ms. Suess by email 

RJ Lundstrom, Assistant Principal, 
Contact Mr. Lundstrom by email

Tyrone Cephers, Assistant Principal, 
Contact Mr. Cephers by email

Erica Allen, College and Career Readiness Coordinator, 
Contact Ms. Allen by email

Megan Boice, Counselor, 

Contact Ms. Boice by email

Tracey Echols, Counselor, 
Contact Ms. Echols by email

Tom Irwin, Counselor, 
Contact Mr. Irwin by email

Lynne Casetta, Attendance Clerk, 
Contact Ms. Casetta by email 

Mitchell Rutherford, Teacher, 
Contact Mr. Rutherford by email

Site Council Members
Bobby Estrella

Emily Suess

Susan Ribaudo (Facilitator)
Contact Susan Ribaudo by email

Cara Grasso

Ken Marrs

Patricia Olstad

Paula Saldutti

Maria Saavedra


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