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Boolean Search Techniques (in PDF)
Increase your odds of finding the information you need by using Boolean search techniques - this guide can help.

Pima County Public Library

Arizona Daily Star
Read today's Arizona Daily Star, or search this week's issues by keyword.

Library Spot
Access hundreds of reference sources including encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri, almanacs, maps, statistics, and more.

Pima Community College Library
PCC Library's site provides support information for all aspects of research. Online resources are available, but require an ID card.

University of Arizona Library
The University of Arizona Library offers a wide variety of resources - explore. Some require a CAT CARD. Try their "Ask a Librarian" feature when all else fails!

Internet Public Library
All IPL sites are free and have been reviewed and selected by library science graduate students. Teachers and students may ask reference questions.

Research Guide: Getting Started (in PDF)
Tips on organizing yourself for research by understanding your assignment, creating a thesis, and focusing your research.

Research Guide: Get to the Source (in PDF)
Brainstorm all possible resources. Use this chart for ideas.

Research Guide: Source Cards & Note Cards (in PDF)
See sample source cards and note cards.

Research Guide: Savvy Shopper (in PDF)
Learn how to brainstorm keywords, use Boolean search techniques, and evaluate Internet resources.

Research Guide: Parenthetical Citations (in PDF)
Examples and a guide for citing parenthetically.

Plagiarism (in PDF)
Know the rules - what is plagiarism? (Besides illegal!)

Research Guide: Works Cited List (in PDF)
Reference guide to MLA format for source citations.

Research Guide: Outline, Draft, Final Copy (in PDF)
Outline example & tips for writing the rough draft and final copy.

Research Guide: Evaluate (in PDF)
Evaluate your process and product by answering 20 questions.

Sample Paper (in PDF)
View a sample research paper with parenthetical citations and a Works Cited list.

Bibliography (in PDF)
Bibliography of all resources that were consulted for Research Guide steps.

Works Cited - Sample (in PDF)
This Works Cited list reflects the style guidelines in the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 7th ed. (2009).
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